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Translating Words into Action with RAISE

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Translating Words into Action with RAISE

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As February is Jewish Disability, Inclusion, and Awareness Month, we have a timely opportunity to translate words into action.

To actualize our Town Square mission to be a more caring and inclusive community, we are responsible for being a model for advancing the conversation about “abilities” and focusing on helping everyone reach their full potential.

What is RAISE?

We are committed to working with the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando on a project called RAISE, which creates employment opportunities for individuals able to work but need a chance to succeed.

What Does it Offer?

We are excited to provide a 6-12 month part-time work experience. This paid position aims to offer the self-worth that comes from earning a paycheck, the satisfaction of being a participating member of society, self-respect from productivity, and the social benefit of engaging with the community in a safe and nurturing setting at the Rosen JCC.

How Can I Help?

We need your help to identify that remarkable person we can bring onto the JCC team. Why not be a part of the solution, and circulate the attached application form (see below) from RAISE, or contact me directly at