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Within our role as the Rosen JCC, we will have earned the privilege of being a community convener, to ignite the building of an emerging, fast-growing community. We will sustain our excellence in early childhood programs and services, while expanding our offerings to better serve the diverse life cycle needs of families living in Orlando. We will serve all stages of family life—from birth to late age—to be stronger and more resilient, and to help individuals and families reach their full potential. To that end, we will be inclusive, see everyone with ‘abilities’, and embrace the diversity that is SW Orlando. To achieve this vision, we will partner with signature non-profits that share our mission. Together, in a shared space within an expanded footprint on our campus, there will be natural synergies, inter-generational programming, and continuous education for the community that provide people with the tools they need to understand and respond to the challenges of everyday life.

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