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Meet The Director

Dr. Phyllis Bochman, Ph.D.

Sr. Director of Children’s Programs

The Rosen JCC’s Early Childhood Learning Center is led by Dr. Phyllis Bochman, Senior Director of Early Childhood Services. Dr. Bochman has previously worked as the early childhood director at the Alper JCC in Miami and the University of Miami Canterbury. She has also had extensive experience at Jewish preschools since 1992 both as a teacher and a director. In addition, Dr. Bochman has taught college classes in early childhood education at the University of Miami as well as Miami Dade College.


Dr. Bochman brings a wonderful educational philosophy to the J: “I believe that the early childhood school experience must nurture social-emotional skills in each child and create joyful school memories. Early Childhood is a magical journey, and one of my jobs as the Senior Director is to create opportunities to develop the imagination and create memorable rituals, traditions, and celebrations that honor childhood. “Children need to be active learners and disciplined, creative thinkers; to learn to make good choices and to work cooperatively; and to be kind and responsible. My goal for the children and teachers is to love coming to school each day and to build a loving and nurturing school community.”


The Rosen JCC Early Childhood Learning Center encourages growth, curiosity, confidence and a life-long love of learning as well as an appreciation of Jewish heritage in a warm and caring atmosphere with teachers that are certified and specialize in young children. Through play and exploration, children gain skills in and knowledge of early math, literacy, science, and social studies.


If you are looking for an Early Childhood Learning program, the Rosen JCC offers a variety of schedules and programs for full and part time students from birth to five years old. Registration is now open for the 2017-2018 school year. Call 407-387-5330 or go to our website for information and to schedule a tour of our school.

Dr. Phyllis Bochman
Sr. Director of Children’s Programs

The Rosen JCC Early Childhood Learning Center is the area’s most highly acclaimed preschool, encouraging growth, curiosity, confidence, and a life-long love of learning. Combined with certified teachers and a low child-teacher ratio, your children grow in our nurturing and caring environment.

As a premiere after-school program serving Southwest Orlando, J University knows how to nurture, encourage, and stimulate your children’s interests in just about everything, while giving you full control of their afternoon schedule.

Discover new ways to work your body and brain through mindfulness workouts while balancing proper nutrition, physical activity, and work-family responsibilities. Enjoy a wide variety of fitness offerings. The fitness center, state-of-the-art gymnasium, and exercise rooms at the Rosen JCC fulfill fitness and recreational needs for people of all ages.

Adult Programs

The Rosen JCC is a great place for adults of all ages to meet and socialize, get fit, and even express their creative side! The JCC is here to help adults reach their goals, make connections and celebrate life.


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