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Corporate Sponsors

Partnering with the Rosen JCC increases your community exposure. Helping you reach thousands of families each year in a growing and thriving family-centric area of beautiful Central Florida.

Rosen JCC Corporate Sponsorships

We are a socially responsible agency that supports philanthropic and community-building activities throughout Orlando. Locally, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent annually to help those in need – children in need of summer camps, people struck by personal or economic tragedy and the elderly in need of assistance.


Our programs are driven by hundreds of volunteers who are dedicated to making Orlando a better place for all of us. Your sponsorship helps support our growing line of social and cultural programming. You can see real results in our community, and the Rosen JCC would like you to be a part of it.


Additionally, your sponsorship has the potential to target over 5,000 of the most sought-after households in the Southwest Orlando community and gives you direct access to a group of professional, well-educated, socially active, family-oriented, and relatively affluent local consumers and opinion-makers. Sponsorships mean visibility in our community and your support means everything to our members.


Join other companies in our community that have partnered with the Rosen JCC and be a part of the change!


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