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Supplemental Guidelines for Children’s Face Mask Policy

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Supplemental Guidelines for Children’s Face Mask Policy

To keep our children and staff safe, we are implementing the following face mask guidelines for children enrolled in our Early Childhood Learning Center programs ages 2 ½ and older. Below are the steps we will take (beginning November 2, 2020) to complete this new process:

  • Children will not use masks during these times/activities:
    • Outdoor playground (masks will be placed in cubbies before leaving classroom)
    • Large group active play (when children can be easily spread throughout the room)
    • Lunchtime and snack (we will space children out when serving food)
    • Naptime (children will be spread out at least six feet apart)

  • Children will primarily wear masks whenever social distancing is difficult. Examples: circle time, activities when children are in close proximity, and small group table activities.

  • Children will not be forced to wear masks.

  • Teachers will make wearing masks fun and a daily learning experience. We will give the staff guidance and resources on how to incorporate wearing masks into their curriculum.

  • Teachers will help children put masks on and off and keep them separated from other children’s masks when not in use. Example: we will put in a child’s cubby or individual bags while outdoors.

  • Please make sure to label masks with your child’s name. Please do not put cords around your child’s mask as it is a choking hazard. Your child may wear the JCC mask that will be provided, or any one you provide (including disposable masks). There will be additional children’s masks available in the Welcome Center for sale.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation while we strive to keep everyone as safe as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Phyllis Bochman, Sr. Director of Children’s Programs, at