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Summer camp for kids creates lasting memories

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Summer camp for kids creates lasting memories

You are probably searching for a summer camp for kids, but what is it that you really are looking for? Do you want day care for your child while you are at work? Do you want a recreational outlet for your child’s energy? Perhaps you are hoping for your child to get a “fresh start” from his school classmates? Choosing the right summer camp for kids can fulfill all of those needs and more. The best summer camps for kids are unique, intentional communities that embrace learning, exploration and socialization. Great summer camps for kids also have core values such as friendship, kindness and community.

Children at summer camp are encouraged to explore

Exploration means having the desire to try new things. Camp is a safe community where children are not afraid to fail. Counselors and staff provide support and encouragement without judgment. At a summer camp for kids, children often get to try activities that they don’t normally encounter in “real life”. Some camp staples include archery, canoeing, gaga, and nature. While these skills might not turn into careers for most campers, the process of trying and experiencing something will be valuable their entire lives. Put simply, in a day and age of standardized testing, children needs to “learn how to learn”, and camp is the right place to do that.

Friendships are a focus at a summer camp for kids

Children are whisked away into the virtual world of social media at a younger and younger age. Creating real, meaningful, lasting, authentic friendships is getting harder and harder, even for children. But a summer camp for kids is still a place where friendships are born on a daily basis. It is not permitted to bring or use electronic devices like phones and tablets at most camps. This ensures that campers to socialize with one another, rather than keep to themselves. Staff receive training to nurture these interactions. Many adults report that their best friends, even into adulthood, are still the ones that they met at camp.

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