Early Childhood Learning Center

The following Enrichment Programs are children enrolled in the Early Childhood Learning Program.

Beginner Ballet

Learn the basic fundamentals of dance technique, focusing primarily on ballet, using songs and games. Threes & Pre-K


The golf pros from TGA Premier Junior Golf teach basics through song, art, and fun activities. Threes & Pre-K

Advanced Spanish III

Prerequisite: Spanish II
Building on the foundation of Spanish II, this course introduces new vocabulary and grammar skills through age-appropriate activities. Threes & Pre-K

Tots in Tutus

Learn the basic fundamentals of dance technique, focusing primarily on ballet, using songs and games. Threes & Pre-K

Book Cooks

Explore literacy and culinary skills! Each week we will discuss a new book and cook a nutritious, tasty treat! Threes & Pre-K


HappyFeet uses songs, stories, rhythms, and games to maximize imagination and develop gross motor skills. Twos, Threes & Pre-K

Mini Dribblers

Your child will learn basketball skills and techniques the improve their game and have fun! Threes & Pre-K

Tot Music & Rhythm

Explore the world of music through the use of different props and instruments.
Toddlers & Twos

Rollie Pollies

An introduction to tumbling fun! Teaching balance, coordination, and agility in a playful environment. Perfect for the little ones! Twos

Beginners Spanish I

Hola amigos! This course is a dynamic and engaging way for kids to learn the Spanish language through age-appropriate activities. Threes & Pre-K

Tiny Tumblers

Learn the basics of tumbling with an emphasis on agility, balance, coordination, and energetic play. This class will keep you in motion!
Threes & Pre-K

Jr. Jocks & Jills

Practice foundational and functional sports skills including agility, coordination, and endurance. We will focus on building confidence in a playful, non-competitive environment.
Twos, Threes & Pre-K


Victory Martial Arts empowers your child through discipline and self-defense! Includes t-shirt, bag, and belt. Threes & Pre-K

Advanced Pre-School Picasso III

Prerequisite: Pre-School Picasso II
Continuing on the principles of Pre-School Picasso II, children will explore the great world of art using a variety of media. Threes & Pre-K

Beginners Pre-School Picasso I

Each week will focus on a different artist and their art philosophy, including charcoal self-portraits, drip paintings, unique clay sculptures and more! Threes & Pre-K


The following Enrichment Programs are for children in Grades K-8. Age varies by Enrichment Program.

Jazz Dance

Learn the basic fundamentals and their of dance, while focusing on the latest jazz technique. Grades 1-5


TGA Premier Junior Golf teacher the game while developing patience, integrity, and respect. Grades K-5

Musical Playmakers

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
In this musical theatre based class, students build an original story through carefully structured creative play and musical theatre instruction, inspired by fun and exciting characters! Grades 1-3


Learn how to bake all your favorite desserts in the JCC kitchen. From cookies to cakes and everything in between! Grades K-3

Tae Kwon Do

Victoria TKD empowers your child through discipline and self-defense! Belt and testing fees included. Grades K-5


From basic body-weight exercises to etiquette, children will become familiarized with the fitness center. When it’s their time to hit the gym, they’ll be ahead of the game. Grades 2-5

Private Music Lessons

Get started on piano, violin, and guitar! Lessons are available in 30-minute increments. Monday and Wednesdays.

Contact us for more information or to check availability at (407) 387-5330.