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Fall Break Mini-Camp

Fall Break Camps will keep your kids busy while school is out.
Each day offers fresh new activities with a different theme to
stimulate imagination and keep campers engaged.


Autumn science activities your kids will LOVE this season. Our Fall theme science projects are easy and fun!

Creative Art

Creative art projects provide an opportunity for your child to explore, create, brainstorm, and build during their fall break!


We’ve created a variety of cooking recipes that will make Fall break even more fun and delightful.

Extended Care

Need care beyond the regular camp day of 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.? Our counselors will be there to run fun games and activities!

Early Childhood Registration

Part-Time Students

If you are registered for ANY PROGRAM other than 12 months, 5 days a week , 7-6 pm, you are considered a part time student. Please select your program to register:

Full Time Students

If you child is registered full-time, year-round, Spring Break Mini-Camp is INCLUDED in your monthly tuition charge. No extra fees will be charged.

Order Lunch

Don’t forget to order a delicious lunch for your child!

YOUTH Registration (Grades 1-6)

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