Barre Physique

Barre Physique



Level: Hard
Limit of participants
No limit


Get strong and toned with lightweight resistance for the whole body. Fusing yoga, Pilates and a ballet barre, we challenge every muscle in the body, creating long, lean, supple muscles and strong, sculpted physiques.


Qualities gained from this technique and experiences expected:

  • Exceptional strength, flexibility and balance

  • Average loss is 10-12 inches and 1-3 dress sizes in 4 weeks with committed class participation

  • Intimate setting allows great attention to each individual’s form to achieve ultimate results

  • Studio provides an incredible community camaraderie

  • Perfect for adults of all ages

  • Builds powerful and solid core strength

All classes are free for Rosen JCC members and $10 for members of our extended community. ($5 for Yoga Lite)


The Hangout Drop-In Childcare is available seven days a week 8am to 12pm and Monday through Thursday 5pm to 8pm while a guardian is utilizing our fitness facilities and classes. Free for Rosen JCC members and $10 for members of  our extended community.


Total body wellness is a core value emphasized in our community and our members are encouraged to engage in a healthy lifestyle through soundness of both mind and body.  At every age and every level of activity, you’ll find people just like you looking to live a healthier lifestyle. All experience levels are welcome in all of our classes and our fitness coaches are always happy to help you expand your abilities.