About Camp J

At Camp J, we encourage growth, inspire confidence, and create the framework for lasting memories and friendships. We provide quality programs that are age-appropriate, fun, and safe. Our camp is imbued with a sense of joy (simcha), community (kehila), spirit (ruach), and fun (kef). Throughout all our programs, we encourage discovery and self-expression.


We carefully craft our camp programs to nurture your child’s interests, offering
traditional and specialty programs, with age-appropriate activities focused on
both fun and learning. There’s never a dull moment at Camp J!


Your child’s care and well-being are our priorities. It takes a great staff to
make a great camp. We carefully screen and interview candidates to ensure
that we hire staff who are committed, hardworking, enthusiastic role models
for kids. All camp staff participate in our comprehensive multi-day staff training. Many of our camp staff return to us year after year, and our low staff-to-camper ratio (no more than 10 campers for each counselor) ensures a safe and successful summer.


We hope that your family will join us at Camp J this year and be part of the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.


Dr. Phyllis Bochman
Sr. Director of Children's Programs

Phyllis is the director of the Rosen JCC's award-winning Early Childhood Learning Center and oversees the Early Childhood Summer Program. She brings an extensive background in summer camps and early childhood development and has also worked at the Alper JCC and University of Miami Canterbury.

Mission & Values

The mission of the Rosen JCC is to build community, strengthen family life, and promote Jewish values.

Each summer, we select four values that we build our community around. These values permeate everything our campers and staff members do on a daily basis, creating a cohesive and appreciative community. While these values are rooted in Jewish tradition, we believe that they are universal values and are taught in an inclusive way that is relevant to each child’s everyday lives, regardless of their family background..

Guarding the Earth

Shomrei Adamah

Guarding the Earth

We believe that we have an obligation to protect the environment and our surroundings, building a better world for future generations.




We believe in honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty to our friends, co-workers, counselors and family members.




We believe that striving to create a diverse community and appreciating what makes us both the same and different makes us all stronger.




We believe that building meaningful, long-lasting connections between individuals makes us happier, healthier and more fulfilled.


Packing a Lunch

If packing a lunch, please use an insulated lunch bag or cooler, with an ice pack. The lunch should be clearly labeled with the camper’s first and last name. Lunches are collected by camper group at the beginning of each day and stored inside, but we are unable to provide refrigerated storage. Lunches may not include products with peanut or tree nut ingredients, or products that contain pork or shellfish.

Buying Lunch & Snacks

On all days, we offer the option to purchase lunch. Snacks and ice cream may also be purchased on days other than Thursday.

Summer 2018 menu

  • Mondays: Pasta, dinner rolls, peas and carrots
  • Tuesdays: Pizza, fruit salad, tortilla chips
  • Wednesday: Quesadillas, cucumber spears, apple sauce
  • Thursday: Bagel and cream cheese, juice box, baby carrots, fruit
  • Friday: Hot dogs, chips, watermelon
  • All days (except field trips): juice/lemonade, water, salad

Campers may purchase these items in one of two ways:

  • You may purchase a full week of lunches, snacks or ice cream (or any combination of those). This can be done by clicking here and registering online no later than Sunday night, or Monday morning in person at the Welcome Center. We are unable to give refunds for unused pre-paid days or items that are not used.
  • You may send your camper with cash to purchase lunch, ice cream or snacks that day. Exact change is greatly appreciated!

Snacks ($1/day) available typically include cookies, brownies and chips. Ice cream ($2/day) is various individual pre-packaged items. Note: Snacks and ice cream are not available for purchase on Thursdays (due to all Traditional Camp campers being on field trips); lunches, however, still ARE available these days.

Afternoon Snack

All campers will receive a daily (this is included in the cost of camp). Campers with an earlier lunch will have snack in the afternoon, and campers with a later lunch will have snack in the morning. This snack is typically a piece of fruit, a popsicle, crackers, or something similar.

Kosher Food Policy

The JCC observes a “kosher-style” food policy. This means that campers may never bring food containing pork or shellfish products, and that campers may not mix dairy and meat items in their lunch. (So campers may either bring a lunch containing dairy items, or a lunch containing meat items, but not both.)


Any meat products we serve will contain a hecksher (kosher certification). We do not sell products containing dairy ingredients on Fridays, when we serve meat. Our facilities, kitchen and dining area, however, are not under rabbinical supervision.

Nut Allergies

Our camp is “nut aware”. This means that we do not serve products containing peanuts or tree nuts, and we discourage campers and staff from bringing such items in their lunches. Some food we serve may be made in facilities that also process peanuts and tree nuts. Please do not pack anything with nut ingredients, even if your camper is not allergic. Since we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty, despite our best effort, that other campers’ lunches will be free of nut ingredients and due to risk of cross-contamination, our environment should not be considered “nut-free”.


Cell Phones

Campers are not permitted to bring or use cell phones or other communications devices while at camp. Valuables such as these often get lost or broken at camp, lead to jealousy and competition between campers, and serve as a distraction from the many exciting activities taking place throughout the day. In the event that a parent needs to be in touch with a camper during the camp day, we encourage you to contact the camp office to coordinate a call.


Any cell phones found in a camper’s possession will be confiscated. If this happens, we will notify you and you may retrieve the phone at the camp office.


Campers must arrive at camp each morning with sunscreen already applied. As is required by Florida law, our camp staff may not apply sunscreen to campers without written permission from a parent/guardian. This permission may be granted when you fill out your camp forms prior to the summer, or via e-mail to our camp office.

Parent Visits

To protect the safety of our campers, we do not allow unscheduled visits during the camp day. We love to give tours, and encourage you to contact the camp office to schedule a tour with a camp director so we can show you our fabulous facility and program in action.

Tuition, Payment & Refunds

Tuition and fees for camp varies depending on program, session, age, membership status, and other factors. We encourage you to visit the list of programs and fees on our website for complete details. All registrations must be accompanied by a deposit and paid in full no later than May 1. Registrations received on or after May 1 must be accompanied by payment in full. Registrations may be canceled up to 2 weeks prior to the start of a session for a $25 administrative fee; refunds will be in the form of a credit on your JCC account. We are unable to refund lunch fees.


If your summer plans change following registration, we may be able to change your registration to another program week depending on availability. Changes are subject to a change fee of $25 per camper per week. Please contact our camp office to make any changes to your registration.


To receive member rates, you must hold a Family Membership in good standing from the time of registration until the conclusion of the programs for which you are registered. If you cancel your membership before this time, we will charge you the non-member price differential for the programs for which you are registered that conclude after the membership termination date.

Gratuities & Tipping

Our counselors and staff are fantastic! We take great pride in the hard work that they do providing your camper with a positive experience at camp. We understand that many parents want to show this same appreciation to their child’s counselor, but we kindly ask that you refrain from giving individual counselors tips or gratuities. Instead, we recommend a donation to the Staff Appreciation Fund in their honor. These funds will be used for our staff celebration at the end of the summer, and any leftover money will be divided equally among all our seasonal camp staff. Please contact the camp office for more information about contributing to the Staff Appreciation Fund.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Camp J has a zero-tolerance anti-bully policy. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services defines bullying as consisting of the following two components:

  • An Imbalance of Power: Kids who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations, even if they involve the same people.
  • Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.

Further, “Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.” A more complete description of bullying can be found at stopbullying.gov.

Our staff members are trained to spot disruptive and inappropriate camper behavior and take action to correct camper behavior before it becomes a larger problem. Nonetheless, we know that bullying may still occur in a camp environment. As a result, any camper that is determined to be actively engaged in bullying is subject to removal from our camp program without refund.

We encourage you to speak with your camper prior to the first day of camp to discuss bullying. Campers should know that, if they feel that they are being bullied, they can always tell their counselors, a member of the leadership team, or the director. If you, as a parent, become aware of a bullying situation, we encourage you to contact the camp office so that we can address it immediately.


Camper Behavior

For the well-being and enjoyment of all our campers, our staff closely monitor camper behavior at all times, and are trained to work with campers to maintain a positive, constructive camp atmosphere. When a camper exhibits inappropriate behavior, we will do the following:

  • The counselor will work with the camper and attempt to correct the behavior.
  • If the behavior has been seen before or if it is particularly concerning, a member of the leadership team will be informed, and the parent will receive a phone call informing them of what happened, and what actions were taken by our staff.
  • In some cases, such as repeat behavior problems or particularly concerning behavior, the director may request a meeting with the parent/guardian to discuss the behavior and strategies to prevent it in the future.


It is our goal that all campers will have a positive experience at camp, and we are committed to working with all campers and parents to make that a reality. While our staff are trained and supported in addressing camper behavior, we also recognize that parents are a critical part of the process, and we strive to include them in it. If you have concerns about your camper that you would like to share prior to the summer to help our counselors best care for them, we encourage you to contact the camp office.

Bumps & Bruises

Sometimes during the course of normal play at camp, bumps and bruises can occur. If a child has a very minor injury, such as a small cut, a surface abrasion or a bruise, a staff member will treat it (for example, by applying a bandage or an ice pack), and a member of our leadership team will place a note in the camper’s backpack letting you know about it.


Our staff is unable to prescribe or dispense any medication, including over-the-counter medications, without the specific written instructions of a physician. These instructions must include the name of the medication, the name of the camper, the dosage to be given, and the time and frequency to administer it. Parents requiring medication to be administered during the camp day must contact the office prior to the summer.


In the event of a medical emergency, we will contact the parents/guardians using the information listed on your registration form. In the event that the emergency requires an ambulance, we will call 911 before calling you. As per the recommendation of the American Camp Association, we maintain a registered nurse on-call who is able to advise us via phone as to the severity of an injury and the required action in the event it is not immediately clear.


We are unable to treat or monitor campers that come down with an illness during camp. For the safety and wellness of others in our community, campers who are sick should stay home and not be brought to camp. Children with the following symptoms or diagnoses may not return to camp until the listed time period/treatment has occurred:

  • Conjunctivitis: treatment must be in progress for 24 hours.
  • Diarrhea: must be free of symptoms at least 24 hours before returning.
  • Fever: temperature must be 99.0 degrees or less for at least 24 hours.
  • Lice/Scabies: Proof of treatment must be demonstrated.
  • Strep Throat: treatment must be in progress for 24 hours.
  • Vomiting: must be free of symptoms at least 24 hours before returning.
  • Rashes: must be diagnosed by a physician and cleared to return.
  • Bronchitis: must be diagnosed by a physician and cleared to return.
  • Measles, chicken pox, roseola, Fifth Disease, mumps: must be diagnosed by a physician and cleared to return.

If your camper becomes sick during the camp day, he or she will be brought to the camp office, and we will contact you to arrange for them to be picked up as soon as possible.


Campers’ allergies should be noted on the camp registration form in the medical information section. If your camper has severe allergies (such as a nut allergy that requires the camp to keep an Epi-Pen on site), you must contact us directly to coordinate proper care prior to the summer.

Many of our campers have allergies to peanuts and tree nuts, of different levels of severity. Our camp is “nut aware” but not entirely “nut free”. For more information on nut allergies, please the policy above.