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M:Powered Mindfulness For Teens
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Jan 15 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



M:POWERED Parents of Tweens & Teens Workshop

The Art & Science of Thriving Teens

E=MC2   … Energy = Mindfulness + Confidence & Connection

Discover how to empower your high-achieving adolescent to cultivate self-confidence and meaningful connections. You will be introduced to a framework that develops leaderships skills and self worth in teens and tweens to last a lifetime!

This interactive workshop will invite you to look at your kids in a new light. Adolescents today are experiencing chronic stress and low self-esteem in unprecedented numbers. Krista Inochovsky of M:POWERED Mindfulness for Teens takes a proactive approach to empower parents and adolescents with mindfulness tools and new perspectives that cultivate self-confidence, empathy, human connection, and a stronger sense of self-love. 

$25 a single person, or $25 for a couple.


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