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Parents are responsible for either sending a packed lunch on a daily basis or purchasing lunch through our canteen.


Packing a Lunch: If packing a lunch, please use an insulated lunch bag or cooler, with an ice pack. The lunch should be clearly labeled with the camper’s first and last name. Lunches are collected by camper group at the beginning of each day and stored inside, but we are unable to provide refrigerated storage. Lunches may not include products with peanut or tree nut ingredients, or products that contain pork or shellfish.


Buying Lunch (Canteen): On all days we offer the option to purchase lunch, snacks and ice cream.


Summer 2017 menu

  • Mondays: Pasta, dinner rolls, peas and carrots
  • Tuesdays: Pizza, fruit salad, tortilla chips
  • Wednesday: Bagel and cream cheese, juice box, baby carrots, fruit
  • Thursday: Quesadillas, cucumber spears, apple sauce
  • Friday: Hot dogs, chips, watermelon
  • All days (except field trips): juice/lemonade, water, salad

Campers may purchase these items in one of two ways:

  • You may purchase a full week of lunches, snacks or ice cream (or any combination of those). This can be done by clicking here and registering online no later than Sunday night, or Monday morning in person at the Welcome Center. We are unable to give refunds for unused pre-paid days or items that are not used.
  • You may send your camper with cash to purchase lunch, ice cream or snacks that day. Exact change is greatly appreciated!

Snacks ($1/day) available typically include cookies, brownies and chips. Ice cream ($2/day) is various individual pre-packaged items. Note: Snacks and ice cream are not available for purchase on Wednesdays (due to the General and Sports Camp field trips); lunches, however, still ARE available these days.


Field Trips: On all field trips, campers should pack a lunch. Lunch will either be eaten on the field trip, or at the JCC before departing. There is never a need to send money on field trips.


Afternoon Snack: All campers will receive a daily (this is included in the cost of camp). Campers with an earlier lunch will have snack in the afternoon, and campers with a later lunch will have snack in the morning. This snack is typically a piece of fruit, a popsicle, crackers, or something similar.


Kashrut (kosher food): The JCC observes a “kosher-style” food policy. This means that campers may never bring food containing pork or shellfish products, and that campers may not mix dairy and meat items in their lunch. (So campers may either bring a lunch containing dairy items, or a lunch containing meat items, but not both.)


Food served by the JCC will never contain peanuts, tree nuts, pork or shellfish (but may be made in a facility that also processes them). Any meat products we serve will contain a hecksher (kosher certification). We do not sell products containing dairy ingredients on Fridays, when we serve meat. Our facilities, kitchen and dining area, however, are not under rabbinical supervision.


Nut allergies: Our camp is “nut aware”. This means that we do not serve products containing peanuts or tree nuts, and we discourage campers and staff from bringing such items in their lunches. Some food we serve may be made in facilities that also process peanuts and tree nuts. Please do not pack anything with nut ingredients, even if your camper is not allergic. Since we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty, despite our best effort, that other campers’ lunches will be free of nut ingredients and due to risk of cross-contamination, our environment should not be considered “nut-free”.


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